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Join the Slice of Emotion children's book team to raise $50,000 to help Ukrainian Refugee Children through the International Committee of the Red Cross. 




You can also support directly at ICRC 







Is your child unable to understand their emotions and what to do about them? Introducing the Slice of Emotion Children's series of books that help kids talk about their emotions while giving parents and educators a way to start a conversation around mental health in an age appropriate way. 

Each book contains a number of activities and practical steps to help kids learn valuable coping strategies that can be used anywhere. 



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Kathy has been the “pied piper” with a childlike spirit engaging children in “play” for all her life. Kathy has 3 children and many rescue animals who make her the kind, gentle soul who wants to change the world – one living soul at a time. She has been making up stories and “rescuing” lost souls for over 3 decades raising 3 top athletes and taking in 2 abandoned children, feeding the homeless, and just realizing that our purpose in
life – is to love, listen, learn and share. Kathy has been a top executive and consultant with many fortune 500 companies with the same “value based leadership” style that she learned from her long time mentor Lance Secretan, one of the world’s top authorities on inspirational leadership touching the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people. Kathy’s WHY BE DO is to do the same. Touching the hearts and “minds”
of the next generation of world leaders, teachers, doctors, activists, humanitarians, military, reporters, therapists, etc. who will make this world a better place. This series of books is her way to build up that purpose. To serve a greater power making a difference showing all how to live their best life... LIVE YOUR LIFE...

Credentials: Honours business - focus on organizational behaviour and undergrad degrees In Psychology/Sociology. Institute: Wilfrid Laurier University; 3 decades of executive learning courses on communication, conflict resolution, organizational behaviour, emotional Intelligence. Institutes: Various; Licensed Hypnotherapist;  Licensed NLP (Neurolingulstic programming) practitioner; Certified Value Based Leader and Coach. Institutes: Coachville and The Secretan Institute; Certified Mindfulness Practitioner Institutes:  1O week Certification Course - Toronto, Ontario; Setting Boundaries Course. lnstitute: 8 Week Course - York Region Women's Health; Art therapy. Institute: 8 week Course -York Region Women's Health; Stepping Stones Mental Health Program. Institutes: S days /week, 8 weeks - Mackenzie Health; North York General Mental Mental Health Program. Institutes: 8 weeks - North York General; CBT {Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and OBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) courses; Many books on mental health strategies, learnings. 

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Jodie has been showing her creative artistic side in the marketing and retail world for over 3 decades with some of the top fortune 500 companies. Jodie is a very involved aunt to Adam and wanted to see the growth in her nephew and support this passion to make a difference in the world. Having no children of her own, she gets the opportunity to “mother” through this very inspiring series from a far. A person’s sense of “peace” is what makes Jodie so special and why one of the characters in the series is “Peace”. Her favourite travel spot was Australia because it brought her that true peace that she wishes everyone could enjoy.

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Adam has a passion for writing and entertaining. He was a camp councilor for 5-6 year old boys who inspired him to write and take writers craft in high school. Adam has written 3 self-published children’s books – “The Crazy Daisy and Friends” series with “Ordinary Larry” teaching children it’s ok to be themselves. He is currently pursuing an acting career and met Kathy in a coffee shop where they joined in partnership to make a difference in the world for children and their emotional health.



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